Frequently asked questions:

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Why choose a private lesson? What can I expect?

A: One-on-one tuition can be greatly beneficial to your skiing or riding proficiency. Whether you are a beginner or advanced skier or rider, a private lesson allows participants to learn at their own pace, in a stress-free environment. To get the most from your lesson, we recommend forming a clear idea of what you would like to achieve; setting and discussing goals with your instructor enables us to develop a lesson plan tailored to your specific needs. 

Is a private lesson for skiers and snowboarders of all levels?

A: Private lessons can be equally beneficial for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. Beginners will find that the increased practice time and feedback level will help get them off to a flying start. More advanced skiers and riders may wish to take the opportunity to work on specific points of technique; hone your powder or mogul skiing finesse, or gain some new freestyle or park skills.

Where can I get rental equipment for our ski holiday?does hme rent equipment?

a: HME does not rent ski or snowboard equipment at this time. we recommend our guests book through:

Rhythm Snowsports or Larry Adler

Can I request a certain instructor?

A: Yes of course HMEJapan wants you to build a rapport with the best instructor for you. To avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend booking in advance with any specific requests.

Where is the meeting place for a private lesson or guiding?

A: HMEJapan has the luxury of being fully mobile. However we do recommend the following meeting points. Hirafu:  dot(.)Base Building next the 'Centre 4 quad lift', Mountain centre opposite Hirafu Gondola or the bottom of the family chair next to the ticket office Annupuri: The Nook next to the sign near the bus stop or ticket office at the base of the Annupuri gondola.

What uniform do I look for there are so many different ones? 

a: in Niseko it can get quite confusing as there are so many uniforms on the mountain to make it easier all of our uniforms come with this logo on them.


Do I need to tip my instructor/guide? 

A: while tipping is very much appreciated by the instructor/guides they are not compulsory. But if you are so inclined after receiving great service.


A: Ordinarily, a private lesson is just for you and your instructor. However we have a 1-4 ratio, if friends of a similar ability would like to join you, they can. Please note and that private lesson numbers are capped at 6 people. There is a 3000JPY fee per person for over 4 participants.

Can I take a private lesson with my child?

A: You can take a private lesson with your child although it isn’t what we recommend. Children tend to have very different learning styles from adults, requiring a different lesson structure and approach. Children and adults also progress at a different rate; complicating the instructor’s role and preventing participants from getting the full benefit of their lesson.

My friend and I are different abilities; can we take a private lesson together?

A: Yes, you can take a lesson together although it isn’t what we recommend. The stronger skier or snowboarder will find that the lesson will be geared towards the appropriate pace and terrain choices for the weaker participant. 

Can I take a break during the lesson?

A: Yes, you can take a break at any point during your lesson. Please advise your instructor when you would like to go in and they can take you to one of their favourite spots around the mountain!